Repetitive Words In Essays

Often times when students are writing synth exams and term papers though use the same word over and over again sometimes they’ll use it like one sentence following another the same word will appear what you want to do is to make sure that you don’t repeat words when you do your edit go through your paper and look to see have I used and the same adjectives over and over again like right now people use the word amazing a lot make sure that you don’t do that make sure that you’ve got a variety of adjectives and descriptive phrases in your paper people really make a difference.

Now oftentimes writers will use but to and and to start their senses you don’t want to do that those are not good words for professionals to use to start your sentences with what you want to do is to use however or but in order to or to and just get an off together as a starting word for your sentence just launch right into the subject of your sentence don’t use and just make or you could put a semicolon or just create a brand new sentence instead of starting with in now if you are not an experienced writer or English is not your native language I would suggest that you would want to have someone read your papers we have a good working knowledge of the English language an English major somebody at the Wayne State writing clinic is there write letters here at Wayne okay you know have someone there look their paper over once you’ve gotten it completed because that person will be able to say okay you’ve got run-on sentences here you might want to move this around in your organization you’ve got spelling errors for medical errors that kind of thing it really makes a difference because what I have found that oftentimes these writers have really good ideas there’s really good research you know they’re there well they’ve got content wise is good.

But their papers fall down because they’re filled with technical errors grammatical spelling mechanicals that kind of thing and then their papers aren’t write it down because yeah even though the quality is actually really good so I’m very much make that recommendation that you go the extra mile and have some an English made you read it or somebody at the writing clinic that will really help you John talked about for your term papers having a bibliography at the end you don’t need a bibliography for your synthesis exams but you do for your term papers because you are going to be doing the research but they want the list of references up there right right but it’s not the same as as a more standard bibliography yes you’re right absolutely um you can use whatever style you’re familiar with but we ask that you do have a couple of elements there’s standard the name of the author first followed by the name of the book or the article title and then the name of the periodical if there is one and then the name of the book publisher and the publication date of the book.