Paragraphs And Points

Structure is important in writing a timed essay which you can use and take 15 to 20 minutes definitely foreboding down the points and then right they see right structure the points in the introduction body of they say similar points to be bunch together and then conclusion right and paragraphs don’t keep writing so my I mean for this I will come back to this point again but this is what I always I have told you in in you know in individual one two ones for has come to me you’re a limited thousand two thousand two hundred watts right I mean we will write 70 words per paragraph right I mean if you are writing other paragraphs will accordingly go up but I feel if 75 paragraphs is what 75 words is what you will write in a paragraph you will have roughly around 16 to 18 paragraphs to write because 16 paragraphs of 70 words each is thousand thousand 150 or something. Learn more about points in essay at Edusson.

So for that you try and give you the first two paragraphs should be introduction the last two paragraphs should be a conclusion the balance twelve paragraphs if there are let’s see you are trying to bring out three various angles to the topic each angle you try and use for four paragraphs so that table which is drawn in the beginning should give you this what you’re going to write you individually you have noted on two points those two points should come in the first two paragraphs then you have written our Givens for or what are the issues surrounding the topic or the first angle to the topic to the topic if there are only two angles to the topic try and split into six six paragraphs each but if there are three angles for topic which you want to write then gave four four four there may be some angle which is which is more important so then you will give six paragraphs to that angle three paragraph to the other two angles and then you control to the conclusion pointed two paragraphs that.

I mean when you are punching it in two points the time itself you decide what is the amount of space you are going to go for this topic but I am consciously right 6270 favored paragraphs which means that you will be writing around sixteen to eighteen paragraphs so you should know that you should not write introduction for Phi bar graphs you should not bring various angles in the introduction itself your introduction should be first two paragraphs try and analyze from three different angles in four four paragraphs each and then conclude two paragraphs try and analyze the topic from 2/3 Indian to three important angles I’ll come to this now I mean I just came to this point because of when I was discussing about writing paragraphs I’ve been to that will again come back to that the next thing else alright don’t keep giving subheadings like what you given beans.