Government Job Openings May Just be for You

America has been humbled by this recession. Job security, opportunities and generous compensation packages feel like a thing of the past. But in these trying times, perhaps what would be perfect for you would be to look at Federal or State job openings. Here are some details about them.


Working for Uncle Sam does have its benefits, the most obvious being inherent job stability, an impressive benefits package, and constant pay increases. And for those who feel good about helping others, the emotional payoff is quite high.


The following are the top government job openings available as of September 2009, along with their annual salaries.

– Office clerk – $32,457

– Registered nurse – $61,345

– Information technology specialist – $67,082

– Human resources specialist – $50,459

– Civil engineer – $73,151

– Accountant – $49,982

– Social worker – $53,550

Where and how to qualify

The best way to look for government job openings online is through Otherwise, it would be best to refer to your local government offices. There are about 35,000 jobs available on any given day.

How to get hired

The very first step in figuring out if you qualify is to admit if you are qualified or not. With an application time that takes about 12 hours, failing to meet at least 80% of the requirements will make it a waste of time. Be sure to prepare your resume and a personal essay that explains why you are qualified for the job.

Keeping Employee Satisfaction Alive

Even if you do have a job these days, you may feel that you’re in a cage. Maybe your company’s going through rough times. Maybe there are new people whom you have difficulty working with. It could even simply be a matter of being in the same job for what seems like too long a time.

Here are job satisfaction motivation and performance tips that can help you get that spark back into your working life.

More Action

Keeping yourself busy in new directions is one way to prevent stagnation. Keep your job satisfaction and motivation high by volunteering for challenging assignments and new responsibilities. You’ll never know until you ask your boss. Your boss may be more receptive than you think.

Keep Alert

Another way to keep your job satisfaction high is through performance. Avoid being stuck in an unproductive frame of mind. Strive to keep a good attitude and excellent work ethic. This will be noted by your colleagues and supervisors, and will be shining example of your professionalism

Be up to date

Education should be an ongoing process. Participate in all training opportunities, seminars and development programs. These will keep you open-minded and intellectually sharp. Your marketability will also be strengthened by your growing list of skills and qualifications.

Keep the door open

Employee satisfaction isn’t just about staying put. Always have your network working. Allow yourself to be passively available for other job offers. Who knows, you may find a better job simply by being the best you can be in your current one.