Book Review: The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi

Review of: The Krishna Key

Book By Ashwin Sanghi: Ashwin Sanghi

Rating: 2


The Krishna Key is a lame attempt by the author to write a Dan Brown novel

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(*Spoiler Alerts*)

A Bollywood Producer and his favourite director was having a discussion about how media has been continuously blaming them of blatantly ripping off Hollywood movies.


Producer: We should think off a new idea to copy paste from Hollywood movies. The straightforward rip off is kinda boring now.

Director: (Thinks for a while and then jumps off with joy) Eureka Eureka.

Producer: What? What?

Director: Why do not we ask one of the indian book writers to rip off the source book itself on which a hollywood movie is based ? We can then make a movie on the local book ?

Producer: Brilliant idea. We can then buy rights of the indian version and media can’t technically blame us of ripping off the story from the hollywood movie.

Director: Great, The Da Vinci Code is just out in the market. Instead of Jesus, we can replace the character with our own Krishna.

Producer: Awesome, I have recently read a forward email about how Taj Mahal was a hindu temple and how its name was derived from Tejo Mahalya. Include that in the story too.


And this is how The Krishna Key was born.



Almost all the reviews you would read about this book will tell you that how similar it is to The Da Vinci Code. This was my try.

Oh and if the review sounds lame, blame Ashwin Sanghi. I just finished the book.


To be honest, if the author did not have desperately tried to be dan brown, The Krishna Key could have been an interesting read.


PS: One star for the book and the other for references and Acknowledgements at the end of the book. It has youtube Links to some very interesting documentaries. If you are unable to finish the book, I recommend checking out those videos for sure.