Book Review: The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of The Window By Jonas Jonasson 2

What will you say about the life of man who happens to have given both Stalin and Truman the atomic bomb, almost assassinated Winston Churcill, crossed the Himalayas, created vodka out of goat’s milk, been in prisons all over the world and a penchant for missing death by whiskers on multiple occasions

Yes, that’s how the life of Mr. Allan Karlsson is as portrayed by the author and while the storyline often borders on the absurd you have to give it to the author for having the imagination to construct such a fictional drama which gives you enough chuckles on the way.

As for the present in the story, The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window is a harmless story turned into a criminal and murderous theft and how completely weird characters come together to navigate. Despite Mr. Allan Karlsson being the main protagonist of the story, the author has done justice to other supporting characters and they stand out on their own.

All said and done it is not your typical comic fiction! But that’s what made the book a nice read for me. It has been quite sometime I have read a book that delightfully surprised me and delivers humors not only through the language but also the absurdity of parts of the story itself.


“A bizarre yet highly entertaining fiction comedy spanning some of the most critical political moments ever known to mankind with a bunch of swedes, criminals and dumb people to complete the plot.”

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